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About Me

Dee Shonese,

Making Your Vision a Reality

"The Emergence of You" was birthed as a result of this passion while going through a Divorce after 27yrs of marriage. During the birthing process, I encountered numerous trials, such as entering into a pandemic, being evicted from our family home, failure of my health, loss of my 9-5 job, closure of the personal boutique I'd always dreamed of having, transitioning to a new church, etc. Although things seemed dark God led me to start a private page on Facebook where I Prayed and had Scripture-based Devotion with those in the community. This kept me centered in the Peace of God during such a dark season of my life. God has given me several  Gifts to help others Emerge!!! And with 25-plus years in the Fashion Industry, I think it's safe to say I know a thing or two when it comes to Styling people as well. 


My Prayer for all who Encounter this website is for the Lord to meet you at your point of need and that you Emerge from the pitfalls that life has thrown your way. I promise that you will walk away with something that will help you reach your Next Level of Emergence in life. Cause Honey, we are All about Faith, Fashion, Fitness, and Finance over here. There are various packages and programs set in place to help you on your journey of Emergence! Whether it's Booking a Personal Styling Session, Leadership Consultation, or Conference. I'm here to help you cultivate the Leader Within You!!! I'm here to assist you in your Emergence process. 


Peruse the site hope you get inspired by the Lookbook! 






Dee Shonese  


Discover Your True Self and Transform Your Life with The Emergence of You.

Transformation and Empowerment. Embark on a transformative journey over the next 30 days as you delve into the pages of this carefully crafted journal.  

Designed to empower and guide you, Emerge provides a safe space to reflect, set intentions, and uncover your inner strength.  Some days will have provoking prompts, and empowering quotes. 

Begin your journey today with Emerge your companion on the path to self-discovery and growth. 

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